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British School of Rock 8-18 years and Little Rockers 6-8 years

All rock musicians want to be part of a band

You don’t learn electric guitar, bass or drums to play them alone in your bedroom. British School of Rock combines expert tuition with the joy of actually playing in a band each week alongside your friends.

British School of Rock classes (Ages 8-18) are structured and disciplined with a maximum of five students to each specialist tutor. Each session is one hour long. After 45 minutes of intensive coaching everyone takes off their headphones, winds up the volume - and the band rocks for the last 15 minutes of the class! It is this opportunity to actually play in a band each week that makes our classes so different - and such fun!


Little Rockers (ages 6-8) Click here.


Love of music, life skills, confidence, friendship, teamwork

An appreciation of music and the ability to play an instrument is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Playing in a band takes it one step further, building friendships together with the essential lifeskills of confidence, communication, teamwork and negotiation.


Duke of Edinburgh Awards

The school is ideal for young people choosing 'Playing in a band' or 'Playing a musical instrument'. A single term's attendance is required for the Bronze Award, one or two terms for the Silver, and two or three terms for the Gold. We offer instruments for hire if required.